About Us

Lacrosse athletes are unlike any other. We believe their equipment should reflect that.

WarDog was born out of a need for high-performance lacrosse socks made to meet the demands of the game. Our products offer compression technology for stability, strike zone impact cushioning, arch zone support, and achilles region protection. The innovative design also features ample ventilation for hot summer days and a welt top to retain position throughout extended wear.

Designed for the highest level of play, WarDog lacrosse socks are worn by all Major League Lacrosse (MLL) teams. As official partners of MLL, the premier outdoor professional lacrosse league, we’ve collaborated with the pros to develop a sock that is tailored to the specific needs of seasoned players.

At WarDog, we believe elevating your game starts from the ground up. Quality, comfortable, and supportive footwear that is designed to withstand the demanding nature of lacrosse is essential.

Shop now and discover for yourself how WarDog socks are different. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.